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The Buddhist Tzu Chi Medical Foundation was established in 1993 as a 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit organization. We provide clinical services, outreach, group support programs, and preventive health education—all at minimal or no cost.
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2019 TIMA Global Forum

Thank you to all of our volunteers and attendees who helped make this year’s forum a huge success!

Catch up on news, photos, videos and more from this year’s exciting three-day weekend, which featured workshops and presentations on topics in medicine and international relief.


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Joining Hands in Jojutla
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Mexico: A Hope for Good Health
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Care and Solidarity in Ecuador


We are dedicated to providing patient-centered, high-quality community health services to low-income individuals. Discover upcoming events.

TIMA Stories

First, it has been very difficult to procure personal protection equipment, given the speedy progression of the outbreak. If it were not for the tremendous support provided by many medical professionals and supporters who have tried every possible way to secure all sorts of PPE, we wouldn’t have been able to make it.
It really blows my mind how coordinated we are, how much love we give, how much love we get.
Albert Hsu, TIMA Volunteer Doctor
Giving is not a privilege of the rich. We can use our own power and heart to help others.
Amanda Wang, Tzu Chi Volunteer
They have a problem with money—difficulty buying certain medicines. I do not know if the pain will prevent him from walking, but at least I want to reduce his suffering from his pain.
Cheung Tung, Volunteer Doctor
If one day I stopped breathing, part of my body may continue living because of the organ donation. That is real love (Da Ai).
Lynn Kuan, TIMA Member
These examples tell us that medical treatment cannot cure everything. Sometimes what people need more of is support from society.
Eddie Chan Seng Chan, Malaysian Doctor
The Tzu Chi Vision Mobile Clinic has embarked on its latest journey—this time from California all the way to New York!
Dr. Keh realized then that, sometimes, if you can’t heal a patient with medicine or surgery, you can still provide caring gestures that show you care about the person beyond the patient.
Help us bring quality, compassionate care to even more who suffer.

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